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Do I get a courtesy car to use while my car is in for repair?

Yes, in most cases we will be able to provide you with a loan vehicle free of charge whilst your car is in for repair, no matter who your insurance is with. All we would ask is that it is insured by your insurance company fully comprehensively.

Do I have to pay my excess to D.B Autos?

Yes, any excess applied to your policy must be paid to D.B Auto Repairs on completion or return of your vehicle. We accept all major debit and credit cards and cash, but regretfully we are unable to accept cheques. (please note that we charge 1.5% on any transactions over £500.00 on a credit card)

How long will my car be in for repair?

This is always a very difficult question to answer, we will always give you a guide as to how long the process will take, but due to so many outside influences beyond our control this may not always be kept to. For example, parts coming in damaged, parts going on to ‘back order’, extra parts found to be damaged once the vehicle has been stripped down. Your vehicle will also go through our quality control process on its’ completion and if we are not completely satisfied then it may have to be reworked until we are 100% satisfied with the result. Rest assured, we want you to have your vehicle back as soon as possible and in all cases we would ask for your patience and understanding.

Is your work to my car guaranteed?

Yes, Here at D.B Autos, we give a 3 year guarantee on our workmanship, however depending on your vehicles own manufacturer warranty or your Insurance Company’s guidelines, it may be longer.

What happens if I damage your loan vehicle or get a parking fine?

You are legally liable & responsible for our car whilst it is in your possession, therefore any parking, speeding fines or congestion charges will be passed onto yourself or the driver. Any damage caused, whatever the circumstances will be the liability of either yourself or your insurance company whereby an excess maybe applied and will need to be paid at the time of your vehicle’s return to you, including tyres.

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