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Quality and Functionality, Guaranteed

Vehicle Body Repairs

Our Technicians and Estimators are qualified and have years of Manufacturer technical training. You can be sure that your vehicle will be repaired comprehensively, swiftly and at a superb level of workmanship. 

To get your vehicle back to manufacture standards, the team at D B Auto Repairs Ltd must work through a repair process:

  • Our Service Advisors receive notification of the repair and will contact our client to make necessary arrangements for the vehicle to arrive at D B Auto Repairs Ltd.

  • Vehicle arrives at D B Auto Repairs Ltd for inspection and confirmation of damage; this is reported to the client and all other parties as required.

  • Vehicle damage is assessed by our vehicle damage assessors and an estimate for repairs is produced.

  • The necessary authorisation of works to be carried out is obtained and parts are ordered for the repairs.

  • Our workshop controller will advise the appropriate Team members of the repair process and timescale for completion.

  • Once the vehicle has completed the repair process, our preparation and valeting team take over.

  • Finally, the vehicle goes through our stringent quality control process, to ensure that the vehicle has been repaired to manufacturer and D B Auto Repairs Ltd standards ready for the client to collect their repaired vehicle, or to be delivered should this be required.

Four Wheel Alignment and Tyres

Have you noticed, your steering wheel is not straight or your vehicle veers to the side when driving down the road?
Have you noticed your tyres are wearing on the edges? 
This could be down to incorrect alignment of your suspension
Here at D B Auto Repairs Ltd we have the latest Four Wheel Alignment equipment, and can offer services to check and adjust your alignment of your vehicle suspension to ensure your safety on the road. As part of this service we can supply and fit a broad range of tyres at a competitive cost.

Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are currently the fastest growing segment in automotive and the main focus for vehicle manufacturers globally. They are constantly being developed to adapt and enhance automatic vehicle systems, extending the capabilities of you and your vehicle.

Here at D B Auto Repairs Ltd, our staff are always receiving the latest training and equipment to ensure these systems are calibrated and continue to work after repairs.

Air Conditioning

We have the latest air conditioning machinery and service both refrigerant R134A and R1234YF systems. Please get in touch with our team if your Air Conditioning System is not functioning correctly.

Electric Vehicles

Electric and more environmentally friendly vehicles are a huge focus for vehicle manufacturers. We have staff qualified to work on electric vehicles along with electric charge points and the latest tooling to be able to carry out repairs to electric vehicles to manufacturers standards.


Repair costs can be expensive. We work with suppliers who can offer you finance to spread the cost of the repairs or insurance excess over monthly payments. To ease the financial burden of having an accident.

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Stone chips in your windscreen can be both annoying and possibly dangerous if not treated may result in your windscreen needing replacement, not to mention a potential MOT failure.

We have the facilities to either repair the screen or we can replace the screen. Due to the complexity of vehicle technologies most new vehicles are fitted with cameras in the front screen which will require recalibrating.  It is imperative that all the correct manufacturer methods are followed to ensure that your vehicle continues to function correctly and is safe on the road.

Just ask a member of the team for further details.

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